As you can probably imagine, we have experienced a lot of different reactions to our challenges! Now before you visit, we’d like to warn you that our challenges really are no joke! We have sent 20 people to hospital directly from the restaurant, many have had panic attacks and one man has even had a heart attack. Many are even sick at their table, so please do not expect a quiet day out when visiting us! Below we have posted some videos and emails we have received because of our ‘FIRE IN THE HOLE’ challenge! We hope you see the humorous side to these reactions & if not… well, shame!
Anderson vs Man vs Food London Hot Wings
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Man vs Food London Chili Scale Indicator
Many ask “how hot is hot?” so we have created a chart to try and show you guys the severity of our hot sauce!
If you still think you have what it takes, our chemist would love to prove you wrong, so come on down!
Fire in the Hole
( 12 million scovilles )
Caronlina Reaper
( 1.5 million scovilles )
Naga Ghost
( 1 million scovilles )
Scotch Bonnet
(100,000 scovilles)
​(5000 scovilles)

At this point you’re probably wondering how we’re still open…
well luckily we do make each customer attempting our FIRE IN THE HOLE sign a waiver form to confirm that Man Vs Food London holds no liability for anything that happens to the contender before, after or during the challenge!
Buuuuut…. We have experienced a few customers who have been quite persistent asking us to discontinue the challenge!